Oh HELL no

Stuff is starting to sag now…wtf!?  I’m starting to look like the Pale Man in Pan’s Labyrinth!  At least when I was fatter, it kind of gave it some solidity.  Now, it (being my SKIN) just kind of hangs there.  I lost the fat rolls on my upper, inner thighs…so excited about THAT!  But then, damn if the skin just ain’t hanging there, ewww, really?  I really don’t even know where to begin doing something about this little bit of reality.  I did some brief searches online about it.  Most people have chosen surgical removal…which I (at least today) am against.  I’m trying to take care of my body not hack on it ruthlessly.  Also, I’m still a little over 100 pounds away from my goal weight so I don’t know where I’m gonna end up with this thing but eww, really?  Pale man?  Come on!



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