How did you get to be so funny???

I get asked that question a lot.  Sometimes in general conversation people will just stop, look at me and ask, “How did you get to be so funny?”  At first, I would just be confused, but the more I was asked the question, the more I began to ask myself the same question.  HOW did I get to be so ‘funny’?  Am I really even that funny?  I’ve always considered that question to be a compliment.

At first I assumed that I inherited my sense of humor from my family.  When we get together, we are the funniest people I know, each one trying to outdo the next.  Always pushing the limits and nowhere NEAR politically correct.  Damn, I love them.  However, certain changes in life have given me the opportunity to reflect and learn more about myself these past few years and have learned a lot about myself.

I have been the odd kid right out of the chute, probably even came out sideways.  I was always that kid that people would look at and wonder, ‘what in the hell are they doing/thinking?’  Life events occurred early on that caused me to be even more withdrawn and less socially adept.  I did well through elementary school, but was blessed to attend a very small, rural,  close-knit school.  Junior High school was a completely different story and my oddity made me a target for those who needed one.  Kids can be very creative in their forms of ridicule and exclusion.  So many days I would wake up and play sick, usually very unsuccessfully.  The busride to school was often similar to a death-march in that I knew as soon as I walked in the door the torment would begin.  Tiny jabs throughout the day when a teacher was turned away was typical, but the bathroom was ground zero. 

I remember watching movies such as Goonies and Stand by Me and completely relating to the protagonists.  I cried when I watched Carrie for the first time because I cheered for her acceptance and my heart was crushed when it was all taken away.

What I’ve realized, however, was that I learned to laugh at myself before those other people could.  I became very good at self-deprecating humor, actually too good.  I also have gotten quite good at using humor in completely inappropriate situations.  I would make jabs at myself before anyone else could. 

Frankly, I’m thinking about creating a club titled, ‘the league of funny fat chicks’.  I get tickled at the gym when seeing a fat chick working with a trainer because we really are funny.  I don’t know about them but by the time I became willing to go to a trainer, if I hadn’t laughed, I would have cried.  Actually, I did a few times.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is this:  to all those people, the plastics, the perfect people, those who derive the joy from making other people feel less-than, ‘Thank You!’.  Sincerely, thank you, so very much.  Out of all the gifts I have been given in life, humor is one of my favorites, and while your intent was to make me feel less-than, you were unsuccessful.  It may have taken a lot of years and a lot of pain, but today I can say, thank you and truly mean it. 


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